Week of Monday September 25, 2017

Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, CANADA

WWE Monday Night RAW

Blind Auditions Premiere, Night 1

The Voice

Week 2

Dancing with the Stars

The Proposal Proposal

The Big Bang Theory



Blind Auditions Premiere, Night 2

The Voice

Week 2: The Results

Dancing with the Stars

The Big House Pt. 1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


American Horror Story

September 26, 2017


Noble Memory


Smokey Putnum

The Blacklist

Catch of the Day

Modern Family

Lake Life

Modern Family

Episode 2103

South Park

Holiday Special

South Park

Just the Tips

Broad City

A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper


Break Down the House

Grey's Anatomy

Get off on the Pain

Grey's Anatomy

I'm Going Away

How to Get Away with Murder

It Wasn't Enough

Chicago Fire

Week of Monday September 18, 2017

Auditions 8

The X Factor

Brother's Keeper

Fear the Walking Dead