Episode Information

Portlandia - Riot Spray

Air Date: Thursday January 18, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST by Funnler


Season 8 - Episode 1

<p><b>Portlandia</b> is a follow up to the Fred Armisen (SNL)/Carrie Brownstein comedy collaboration, Thunderant. In the new IFC series (executive- produced by Lorne Michaels), the pair lovingly skewer the people and values of Portland, Ore. by introducing us to Portland archetypes like a militant bike messenger, feminist bookstore owners and an arts &amp; crafts couple who "put birds on things."</p>

<p>Spyke gets his old band back together; podcasters investigate a police station; Candace brings Toni to her childhood summer home; Brendan and Michelle consider buying a van.</p>